Mr. F.R. Kareem Ayers, Managing Principal

Kareem AyersMr. Ayers has spent the last 30 years gaining practical experience in Management and Business Process Improvement, Financial Management, IT, and SMB (Small & Medium Businesses) Sales and Services Industries. He has developed a diverse professional service portfolio.

His interpersonal communication and people-sensitive skills are responsible for developing thousands of career SMB, large corporate & Federal Government, and individual client relationships. With a keen eye for detail and organization he keeps his practice management focused on his core mission.

Specialized Industry Training

Attended Wilberforce University. – 1998 – Organizational Management

Career and Professional Milestones

  • Interfaced and serviced thousands of personal and small business clients.
  • Firm Strategic Planning Project Manager.
  • Authored marketing plan and implemented marketing strategy.
  • Authored Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Manual.
  • Designed consultancy engagement production forms for service delivery.
  • Planned and implemented a marketing seminar series.
  • Provided corporate formation services & business plan development for intrapernurial start-up.
  • Designed database for sales prospecting and on line CRM.
  • Developed procedures for client management, billing, and bookkeeping systems.
  • Designed visual communication materials for sales presentations.
  • Planned and implemented seminars to prospective clients.
  • Direct selling and business development activities.
  • Project management administration.
  • Designed visual aids for sales presentation.
  • Designed the training program for new recruits.

Entrepreneurial Highlights

  • Helped raised capital for start-up operations.
  • Created and implemented ACG’s corporate structure and culture.
  • Authored and co-authored dozens of business and marketing plans for clients.
  • Other Major Career Accomplishments

    Mr. Ayers has been involved in dozens of new start-up ventures as a founder, co-founder, and consultant, as well as serving as an outside director on several corporate boards.

    He designed and implemented a computer-training center. This entailed writing the service plan, procuring the hardware and office space, hiring the director, and co-authoring the training manuals.

    Mr. Kenneth W. Ford, Jr.

    Kenneth W. Ford, Jr. matriculated at the University of Miami, and completed his Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Business Management and Organization. He obtained employment and worked in the government for 7 years for two different agencies as a Law Enforcement Officer, and then as a Computer Scientist, and during that time he returned to school at Strayer University to earn his second Bachelor of Science in Computer Networking, Summa Cum Laude. Also, embarked on his third degree program at Strayer University, and, there, he attained a Master of Science in Information Systems.

    Soon after earning his degrees from Strayer University, Mr. Ford started an entrepreneurial venture, Computer Security Company that consulted on network security issues for home-based businesses. In this particular role he informed and educated clients on the importance of network security. In 2013, Mr. Ford was hired as the Chief Information Officer for The Real Hip-Hop Network (RHN) to oversee the technical architecture and be the technical liaison between RHN and any vendors.

    Currently, Mr. Ford joined ATG as a subject matter expert (SME) and thought leader on securing Microsoft Cloud products from cyber security breaches and attacks for clients in a compliant manner that does not intrude on privacy.

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