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ATG provides comprehensive Cloud and IT services through its’ AIT Team.

Cloud Services

Staying on top of business and technology trends has become increasingly expensive. However, your competitors will be investing in IT even if you don’t—and that’s something you can’t afford. We take your IT investment, align it with your business objectives, utilizing the Cloud to make you Mobile, Agile, Innovative, and Cost effective.

We can design unique solutions that make technology your competitive advantage. With flexible offerings like Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and Dynamics CRM Online, and other vendor selections, you can choose your own path to a more modern IT.

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The Main Benefits for Customers utilizing Cloud Computing are four-fold:

  1. Cloud solutions require smaller capital outlays by the customer. Cloud offerings are consumed on a subscription basis with all aspects of the offering being provided by the supplier, thereby requiring no major upfront investments either in software or other licenses, or hardware.
  2. Cloud solutions cost less. Because Cloud offerings are provided by larger entities that effectively aggregate volumes and thereby achieve scale economies unavailable to any mid-sized company, a customer can typically lower their overall technology costs.
  3. Cloud solutions are more flexible. An organization can use as little or as much of any Cloud technology as is needed, scaling capacity up and down without incremental infrastructure costs.
  4. Cloud solutions decrease risk. Because Cloud offerings are “evergreen” services, there is no risk of the technology becoming obsolete. A customer is always using the most recent version of any particular technology.
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