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Every day millions upon millions of small business owners go to war in the marketplace without all of the info needed at their disposal to make informed business, managerial, and strategy data driven, supported decisions. They run their business operations mainly by the seat-of-their pants, shooting-from-the-hip, and being up-to-their-necks with a myriad of organizational bottlenecks. The low survival rate of SME/SMB is devastating and the numbers don’t lie.

The Solution to help minimize this problem is a tool that provides a manager, at his/her fingertips, the necessary mission critical data/info, regarding their current and historical business operations. This allows the manager to make decisions based on current conditions as they are on the ground in their organization. In addition, this tool will provide strategic, operational, and tactical checklists, roadmaps, and to-do-lists all in one location. M5MCT Is a complete business management support tool for Owners, Managers, and Operators of business ventures. ACG customizes M5MCT for each client, mirroring their specific business environment.

Our Tool doesn’t replace the advice of or you working with your current team of Professional Advisors or your current in-house management staff. However, it supports you; as the leader, to function more effectively in your duties and responsibilities in making informed, success data driven decisions.

Run your business like a pro with Maxx5 manager's cockpit tool graphic


  • Covers all OPS areas plus more…
  • Checklist and Metric Rich
  • Very adaptable and scalable
  • Designed exclusively for Small/Medium Companies
  • Plan, Track, and Implement your Goals, Objectives, Strategies, and Tasks


  • Gives you Complete Command & Control of Your Business Operations
  • You can Plan, Assess, & Control Business Assumptions & Decisions
  • You will have 1 location for all major Business Metrics analysis
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